Print isn't dead. It's just been amended.

The post office is telling us that direct mail is still getting noticed. That may be so, but most of my clients just want a corporate brochure to work with the website, logo and tagline we've created.

Print isn't dead. Yet.

These days unforgettable goes a long way.

For prospective clients to hear you, they have to first be engaged enough to listen.

That's where we come in, to make sure that what you have to say comes across loud and clear, and stands up and away from all the confusing messages out there.

I've seen what good branding can do for a company — there's an excitement in the air, and a fresh start for everyone who works there. It's a chance to reinvent, succeed and go farther than ever before.

Let's bring that excitement to your company.


Your logo is just the beginning of what you look like.

If there were a face on a mind, this would be it. And yes, you need a logo. A good logo.

We also like to pair it with a nice little tagline, so people can see and hear who you are at the same time.


Call it your calling card.

If you do nothing else, make sure you have a website that's engaging and functional.

And make sure you don't use a programmer who claims to be a designer. There's a big difference.